Thursday, May 28, 2020

tree strepek, creative

TreeStrepek contributes to
a Mosaic of Projects forged with determination to make a positive impact in Chicago.

iTreeware  Commits to building with powerful tools

100% responsive. written in pure
HTML5, CSS3, JQuery
*zero div
At  Tree creates a purely HTML5 website.  Inspect the code- there are no div tags in the entire code set.  The site is Tree's digital portfolio.

  •  zero maintenance required. cost: $12/yr.

100% responsive. written in OJET(Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolset) 2.0  
re-written in Oracle JET (OJET)- JavaScript Extension Toolkit based on KnockoutJS, HTML5.   

stylistically the clean, flat, white space dominant layout communicates key branding effectively without distraction.

Android native app on Play Store

Search for TreeStrepek 
on the Play Store to download this native Android app written with Android Studio, tested with the Android simulator and published since 2016.  Scalable and performant.  

  • zero maintenance required. cost: free.

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At catalog of Theresa (Tree) Strepek's projects.  Includes basic information about technology tools used to create them. 

  • zero maintenance required. cost: $12/ yr.

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At Who is Theresa Strepek.  

  • zero maintenance required.  cost: $12/ yr.

iTreeware Engages developer communities 
Google, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, City of Chicago

ReactJS, SparkAR, FB Msg BOT
technology. Created in 1.5 days.
iTreeware was at Facebook's 1st Hackathon in Chicago  

The 1st Facebook Hackathon in Chicago focused on urban initiatives and breaking the bonds of poverty in Chicago's poorest neighborhoods.  Our app set out to address the problem of generational poverty with SparkAR Instagram Filters, FB Messenger BOTS and ReactJS. 

Legacy Builders. 

iTreeware Gives Back to the technical community

At iTreeware Knowledge Share  
Tree knowledge shares technical details to promote quality app development and a strong community.   

  • zero maintenance required. cost: free.

iTreeware Gives Back by Inspiring the Next Generation.

At Innovate with Me!   students and teachers have access to a fully developed lesson plan centered around identifying each person's unique areas of natural giftedness. Aptitudes are natural strengths.  Innovate with Me targets (1) identifying natural strengths (2) vision casting to pull out innovative ideas students already have inside them!  

  • zero maintenance required. cost: free

iTreeware Gives Back to Family.

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At 14 Days of Love   families are encouraged to take action and demonstrate FREE acts of Love.  For 14 days our homes can be full of small gestures of appreciation for one another- reducing stress and increasing joy.   

  • zero maintenance required. cost: $12/yr.

iTreeware Gives Back to Community Building.

 iTreeware Tech Cafe' has a place for everyone at the table.  Plans for 5 generations to work TOGETHER on local business problems every day are detailed.  The community works together at the Tech Cafe' Innovation HUB where young students & wise ones together side by side.  The big winners are local business. The conduit is mobile app technology fueled by Geocache Engagement Technology.   

  • zero maintenance required.  Needed- *Angel Investor*.

iTreeware Gives Back to the Planet.  

We reject Plastic and Chemical ingredients that are not excellent for families.  Terpenes are the aroma molecules in scents we all know- peeling an orange, the smell of crushed pine needs, lilac, cinnamon and lavender.  With the power of scientific research we learn Terpenes are the link between scent and how aroma makes our bodies feel.

As an early adopter of a completely new space- iTreeware is innovating on the edge of a new frontier with Terpene product creation.   #GameChanger!

sustainable living has a distinctly anti-plastic flair and favors old-fashion simplicity from generations ago. Be kind to the Planet and Embrace plant based products. 

At TreetopRejuvenation  Movement, meditation, mindfulness & healing retreat.  Members sustain focus on inner connectedness and reflection.

The majority of our work together is done at our charming Treehouse in Dundee, Illinois, USA. 

  • zero maintenance required. cost: free.

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At   old-fashion, healthy living tips are shared for generations to come. Eating Clean and Living Active meets Personal Centeredness and Public Responsibility.  Find Terpene recipes on our DIY channel for creating your very own chapstick, stick lotion, soap, conditioner, hand soap....Checkout  our TreesTerps DIY Video Channel   

  • zero maintenance required. cost: $12/yr.

Team Building that Inspires High Performing Teams in deeply technical dev shops 4 The Win!

 TeamBuilding for Geeks inspires engineers to dialogue, problem solve, trouble shoot and succeed together in the dynamic cohesive synergy of high performing teams!  Dev shops learn how to invest in team comradery which produces meaningful results in terms of cohesion and productivity.  zero maintenance required. cost: free. 

tree strepek, creative

Tree Strepek contributes to a Mosaic of Projects forged with determination to make a positive impact in Chicago. iTreeware   Com...